B2B SaaS Podcast

On the B2B SaaS Podcast, the host (Upendra Varma) interviews the world’s best B2B SaaS founders, asking them everything about their businesses. Every episode is designed to be compact (~ 15 minutes), data-backed ( with real SaaS metrics like MRR, growth rate, churn etc.) & actionable.

scaling without vc
In this episode of the B2B SaaS podcast, dive into the remarkable journey of E Webinar with its co-founder and CEO, Melissa Kwan. Discover how E Webinar, a pioneering webinar automation solution, has scaled to new heights without relying on...
David Henzel, Founder of UpCoach, discusses their transformative journey from a DIY coaching course to a thriving platform with a 93% completion rate. The strategic partnerships, particularly with influencer Todd Herman, played a key role in the early success of...
Alexandre Abu-Jamra, Co-Founder & CMO of Klooks, talks about their remarkable journey from a bootstrapped startup to landing million-dollar deals with industry giants like S&P and Bloomberg. Specializing in extracting financial data from PDFs and images, Klooks has become a...
robin singhvi podcast episode
Robin Singhvi, Founder of SmartCue, talks how about how they acquired over 30 paying customers ( of 5-6 figure ACV deals ) primarily with founder-led sales. We deep dive into his entrepreneurial journey and learn how his monthly newsletter and...
Mario Velasco Great content!

Engaging, informative, and insightful! Can’t believe an incredibly valuable resource like this podcast is FREE! 🤩

Sidharth Negi Quality Information - Delivered Fast

I've always been curious about self sustaining businesses but it's not always straightforward where to go looking. This podcast was just what I needed - crisp and to the point information delivered quickly and efficiently.

Ameya Dubey Great series, very informative

Relevant, concise, and informative — this show boils down essentials and insights useful for a SaaS venture in bite-sized packages through precise, to-the-point questions.

Andrew Osborne Incredibily Valuable

Been finding your channel incredibly valuable since i've found it, some real gems on here keep em coming!

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    B2B SaaS Podcast is designed to beCompact., Data Backed., Actionable.

    • Compact

      Each episode is designed to be around 15-20 minutes, making it compact enough.

    • Data Backed

      Every guest will be asked for SaaS metrics like MRR, growth rate, churn etc. so that context of their experience is well captured.

    • Actionable

      In every episode I typically deep-dive into 1-2 key themes that are very interesting in a company's journey, so that you can implement what worked for others within your own company.

    About the Host

    I’m Upendra Varma. I am an ex-SaaS founder. From my own journey, I’ve realised there's lot of unpredictability when it comes to SaaS growth & the only way to make this predictable is by using data.

    If you know what worked & what didn't for 10-15 companies, who were in your exact shoes once, you will have a much better idea about approaching your own growth.

    This is why I host the “B2B SaaS Podcast”, where I interview the world's best B2B SaaS founders, asking them everything about their businesses. Every episode is designed to be compact, data-backed & actionable.

    In every episode, I deep-dive into a key theme that's very interesting in a company's journey. Typical themes include growth ( lead generation, conversion), customer success ( churn & expansion), product, M&A, technology & people.
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