How I hit $25k by doing cold outreach on LinkedIn

Founder grows to 25K ARR with 20 SaaS customers on his affiliate platform & marketplace, which has 1500 listed affiliates. Primarily grows using cold outreach on LinkedIn, which has around 5% connection request to meeting book rate. 

In this episode, I interview Joran Hoffman who is the founder of Reditus

We talk about, 

  • what Reditus is all about.
  • why he ended up cutting short their lifetime deal on Appsumo.
  • how he uses LinkedIn taking help of a VA to book meetings with 5% connection request sent to meeting book rate.
  • how he built the other side ( affiliates ) of the marketplace.
  • how he plans to grow using SEO in the long run.
  • why he might consider revenue based financing (RBF ).

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