How I got our first $25k revenue by DM’ing nurtured leads on our facebook group

Agency owner grows his SaaS from 0 to 4k MRR in 3 months by building a cold outreach community of 2k people on facebook.

In this episode, I talk to Onur Genes who is the founder of SaaS company called Nureply, which is a cold email automation software with primary focus on mail content personalisation using AI. 

We talk about,

  •  how Nureply helps customers how they grew from 0-4k MRR in 3 months with 65 paying customers
  •  how 50% of these customers have come from his own facebook group of 2k users
  •  how they engage audience of their facebook group with innovative case studies
  •  how they use facebook DMs to do outbound
  • what it means to build a personal brand on twitter & what it takes to be a thought leader

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