How our SEO investments for the last 5 years is now driving all of our top-of-funnel leads

Adrian Balcan hits 170K ARR with his SaaS company Feedcheck, which helps big brands monitor & manage customer reviews. He writes amazing content & organic traffic driven to this content is his top of funnel.

Talking points,

  • what feedcheck is all about
  • how he built the product by iterating with one of his first customers
  • how he hit 170K ARR with around 20 customers, closing deals of around 10K ACV
  • how almost all of this top of funnel lead generation is around writing content & ranking for SEO
  • what it takes to convert an inbound interest to a paying customer with deal sizes into 10s of thousands of dollars
  • what other acquisition channels has he experimented with & results he found 
  • how he is thinking of listing a micro product on appsumo to generate more brand awareness & improve top of funnel
  • funding status & future plans

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