How I am using personalised video within my cold outreach process to see game-changing results

I talked to John Wright, the founder of a SaaS company called StatsDrone, which helps affiliate businesses track their various affiliate programs. John has scaled his company to around 20K MRR with around 100 customers, primarily using an innovative outreach process. He uses a personlised 2-minute video within his cold outreach process & he is seeing extra ordinary conversion rates. 

Talking points,

  • what StatsDrone is all about
  • hits 20K MRR with around 100 customers
  • going from 0 to 1 using by convincing a few affiliate managers within his network that he built over 20 years 
  • using personalised 2-minute video within his cold outreach process
  • prefers other outreach channels like linkedIn, facebook, reddit etc. over email
  • conversion metrics using personalised video ( around 25% video watched to demo booked )
  • self-serve model vs. getting people to book a demo
  • plans to go upmarket & increase ACV going forward with new VP of Sales hire
  • positioning the product as a business intelligence tool to help him increase the deal sizes

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