How I sold lifetime deals worth $500k on AppSumo & why you should be careful with LTDs

SaaS founder hits 10,000$ MRR by building a one stop shop for podcasters. Sells lifetime deals worth 500,000$ to 4000 customers on AppSumo. 

In this episode, I talk to Ananay Batra, CEO & founder of a SaaS company called Listnr fm. Listnr fm is a full stack platform for podcasters to record, edit, host, distribute & monetise their podcasts. 

We talk about,

  • how he twice did lifetime deals
  • how he sold 500k worth deals to 4k customers on Appsumo
  • how he grew to 10k MRR 
  • how he converts lifetime customers to subscription customers
  • how founders need to be careful before doing such lifetime deals

Checkout the detailed case study here 

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