How I used my credibility as a consultant in HR space to get first 5 customers for our SaaS

In this episode, I talk to Adele Theobald, founder of a HR platform called IDriveHR.  We deep-dive into IDriveHR’s journey so far with focus on their 0 to 1 journey, current lead generation strategies & conversion. 

Talking points,

  • what IDriveHR is all about
  • how they have hit 5K MRR with around 18 paying customers
  • how the founders used their credibility in the HR management consultancy space to get the first few customers
  • how are they effectively using Linkedin & other closed communities to drive top-of-funnel leads
  • how they innovatively use physical mail as part of the multi-channel outreach for warm leads
  • conversion funnel & sales cycle
  • why they are priced so low on a per-seat basis

You can also watch this episode on youtube here.

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