How we bootstrapped our SaaS past $5MN+ ARR

vivek khandelwal izooto

Vivek Khandelwal, Co-Founder of iZooto, discusses how they grew their audience marketing platform past $5MN+ in ARR while remaining completely bootstrapped. In this interview, we cover their product, journey from 0 to 1, growth over the past 12 months, sales cycle, and long-term vision. We also talk about how Upekkha, a leading SaaS accelerator, helped them grow manifold over the years.

The interview covers the following topics:

  • How iZooto helps publishers of all sizes with audience engagement and retention
  • How they acquired over 1000 paying customers with approximately 16000 users on the platform
  • How they crossed the $5MN ARR mark and are on track to hit $10MN soon
  • How they have been growing in double digits almost every year
  • How they hustled and used their connections to get their first set of customers
  • How they acquire approximately 60% of leads through outbound and the rest through inbound channels, with content and SEO playing a huge part
  • How their sales cycle looks across various sets of customers
  • How they joined Upekkha (a leading Indian SaaS accelerator) at around $250K ARR and how they benefitted from Upekkha’s network, tools, and community over the years
  • Why Vivek recommends fellow SaaS founders join Upekkha and how they can benefit from the brilliant founder community they have built
  • Their vision and team

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